Educational Services


Children and Adolescent admitted to Hickory Trail Hospital or enrolled in our Adolescent Day Program will receive educational services from a Doctoral-Level teacher in a tutorial model classroom setting. Children admitted to either program do not withdraw from school.

In lieu of the school sending classwork, the Hickory Trail teacher will provide a TEKS based, on grade-level curriculum.

Overview of Educational Services program:

  • Students remain enrolled in their current school.
  • Your child’s school is notified that your child is receiving medically necessary treatment thereby avoiding any truancy issues.
    • Students are coded “Present, not in membership”.
  • Dr. Kathleen Giglio, Ed. D. will to be the “Teacher of Record”.
    • This alleviates the need for a Hospital/Home-Bound teacher to gather, tutor and return classwork for the student.
  • Students participate in a tutorial model education program with a certified teacher to assist them in completing work your school provides or they may participate in an on grade-level TEKS-based curriculum.
  • Courses (with modifications as required) that can be completed while at Hickory Trail are as follows:
    • English
      • Literature
      • Grammar
      • Writing
    • Psychology/Sociology
    • S.S./Government/History/Geography
    • Mathematics
    • General Science
    • Art History/Appreciation
    • Music History/Appreciation
    • Physical Education/Health/Yoga
    • STARR/EOC Preparation
  • Most school will accept attendance and grades; sent at approximately 10-day intervals, the end of a semester or six-week grading period, and at the completion/discharge from the program, from the “Teacher of Record”, ensuring that the students will not lose credits/units upon returning school.
  • Schools may, at their discretion, apply course credit for additional classwork completed that may not be listed in the student's current course list.
  • Upon Discharge Preparation, Educational Services will work with day hospital staff to complete courses through titration process.
  • Upon discharge/completion of the Better Days Wellness Program, students may return to their former school schedule

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

While we cannot offer diagnosis, counseling or recommendations online, you can call to schedule a complimentary assessment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 972.298.7323. If you are currently experiencing an emergency, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


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